VR Arcades and Location Based Entertainment


Consider this core argument by Ben Kim from Survios in this presentation from December 2017:

  • there is high demand in the market for VR content

  • there is low demand in the market for VR hardware

The data? Survios has sold VR game content to over 1 million unique users. 85% of the content they sold was consumed by a user in a VR arcade. According to Ben, there are 612 VR arcades globally as of December 2017. That’s more than Chuck E. Cheese’s (523) and Dave & Buster’s (82).

I recently experienced Notes On Blindness: Into Darkness via my Oculus Rift. It was stunning. A complete game-changer. I've spoken to dozens of people about it. They would love to see/experience it. But they don't have the hardware. And they don't want to buy the hardware to watch/experience this one thing.

What to do?

Until standalones like Go or Santa Cruz take off, there's going to be this gulf between people that want VR experiences but don't want VR hardware.

So why limit location based entertainment to VR arcades? Why not VR cinemas? VR play spaces? VR experience zones?

Wonderspaces is kind of/sort of doing this now.

I see this as a new market.