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xpereal is an immersive experience consultancy dedicated to solving real problems – virtuallyOur passion is education. So we bring educational institutions, training organizations, teachers, and subject matter experts together with innovative companies from the world of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and 360 video to create immersive learning solutions that solve real problems in teaching and learning.



Peter Campbell

Founder and CEO Peter Campbell is a leading innovator and evangelist for the transformative use of educational technology. For the past 22 years, Peter has led large-scale ed tech projects at major corporations, academic institutions, and startups. A thought leader with experience in sales, product management, and instructional design, he served as the Director of Solutions Management for Blackboard and the Director of Academic Technology for Montclair State University. At startup, he led the design and development of a K-12 learning management system in collaboration with Scholastic. In his most recent role as the Director of Immersive Learning Solutions for Pearson, Peter led the AR, VR, MR, and 360 video strategy for the world’s largest educational content company. In 2016, he created a partnership with Microsoft and piloted HoloLens at educational organizations around the world, including San Diego State University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Peter also has extensive experience in innovative curriculum design and development. At the Campus Writing Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he led a pilot project and co-developed a multimedia authoring course called “Expressive Media” in which students from a variety of disciplines wrote interactive multimedia applications in lieu of a final paper. At the Art Institute in Portland, OR, he developed the curriculum for the interactive media program and challenged students to build prototypes of devices from the future. At Montclair State University, he piloted the use of Blackboard in the School of Business, managed the transition from WebCT to Blackboard, spearheaded the use of virtual classroom tools, and modeled the implementation of synchronous instructional design in web conferencing platforms such as Wimba Classroom, Elluminate, and Blackboard Collaborate.

Lastly, Peter has extensive experience as a classroom-based instructor. Beginning in 1987, he has taught SAT and GMAT test prep, English as a Second Language, developmental writing, public speaking, business communications, and multimedia development. So he understands the needs of teachers and students from his own first-hand experience.

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